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Rock on Cock:

RuPaul on a Uhaul:

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Tide on a Slide:

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Peach on a Beach:

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This episode features the following YouTubers:

Lilly Singh

MatPat & Stephanie

Derrick Acosta & Rocco Botte

Safiya Nygaard

Issa Twaimz

Jared Bauer & Greg Edwards

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- "You've heard of Elf on a Shelf.

Now, get ready.



Table) You guys are trying to--.

You know, it's.

A trap.

This is a trap.

- You've heard about Elf on a Shelf.

Now here's, Lilly on 12, milly.

♪, (dramatic, chord), ♪ - (FBE) So today.

We are going to be showing you a bunch of memes that all stem from a traditional Christmas tradition that has gone viral recently.

- Okay.

No, clue, whatsoever., (laughing) - Christmas tradition? In, September? - I'm Jewish.

So I have no idea.

(laughing) - Elf on the Shelf? Elf on the Shelf, yeah! - (FBE) This is the Elf on the Shelf meme.

- Okay, I've.

Never seen it.

- Oh jeez.

- Oh, yeah.

Oh, I'm.

All in on this.

- It's got a meme now? - Yes! - Elf on a Meme? - (FBE) So here's, a meme that people say may have been the first one to do this.

- "You've heard on Elf on a Shelf.

Now, get ready for..." Ash in the trash.

- Ash in the trash? - Ash in the trash! Ash in the trash, yes! So, it's things that rhyme? Turkey on a jerky? - It's a thing that rhymes on another thing.

- Is this, a thing? Oh.

My god, is this something I'm, not gonna understand, like fidget spinners? - I've never heard of the saying, but I think I understand the idea of rhyming, moderately well, so I'm in.

- (FBE) So.

This first one was actually created in 2016, but wasn't until a few weeks ago when it started gaining popularity on Reddit and now it's everywhere.

So we have some more to show you now.

- "You ever heard of Elf on a Shelf? Nah, man, it's about Shrek on a deck." (laughing) See.

This is gonna be one of those things where it's stupid, but I'm gonna laugh at every single one of them.

- "Nah, man, it's about Shrek on the deck." This is turning me into a rapper, I think.

- Shrek on the deck.

- Yeah.

- (laughter) Okay, I, just laughed.

Something's, working here.

- Is this.

The new meme that's blowing up? It's, very simple., I feel like people are amused so easily now.

- Shrek on a deck! Yes! I, get really excited about this meme.

I, don't know, why I like it.

- It's just a bunch of rhyming things.

- Mmm, my girl! "You've heard of Elf on a Shelf, now, get ready for Peach on a beach!" - "You've heard of Elf on a Shelf.

Now, get ready for Peach on the Beach." I want the "Thug Life" sunglasses to come down over my eyes, like..., ♪, La-da-da-da-da, ♪, ♪, It's, the one and only D-O double G, ♪, ♪, Snoop, Dogg, ♪ - Should.

We just be zinging these out as soon we see the image? - I can't, help it.

- Okay.

As fast as we can get-- we're in a race with each other.

- Solving a riddle.

- Part of of the cleverness of this meme is that sometimes it takes a little thinking to be like, "What is this.

And how do I work it into the context of the meme?" - "You all know, Elf on a Shelf.

But now it's time for Tide on a slide.", Mmmm!, All, right, all right.

- Tide on the slide.


Perfect example.

- You beat me to it.

You beat me to that one.

- "Now it's time for Tide on the slide." (laughing) This is like more dad, jokes.

- It's cute, but I've seen better memes.



My meme standards are a little higher.

- A little too on the nose.

- They're all on the nose! - I have never seen.

So many puns in a Twitter account than yours.

- I love puns.

- I cannot believe you're not on board with this meme.

This meme screams you.

- It does., Maybe, I'm, just jealous that I missed out on it.

- "You've heard of Elf on a Shelf.

Now, get ready for Bane on the plane." - "You've heard of Elf on the Shelf, now, get ready for Bane on a plane." - Is that Bane? Bane on a plane! I, get it.


My god, am I a lame person that's out of touch? - I wasn't, a Batman fan.

I'm, more of a Spider-Man Stan.

- If I saw Bane on a plane, I'm sorry.

You know, I'm taking the next one.

- That's just a clip from the movie.

- Yeah? - I like the ones where they're actually doing the photoshop, the superimposition.

- I don't know.

I like the simplicity of just the screenshot.

- That.

One is amusing.

It does require some thinking.

You need to know the context of the movie.

That one's, a bit tricky.

- And that's.

What makes it fun.

It's like a little inside joke in every rhyme.

- "You've seen Elf on a Shelf.

Now, get ready for Drake on a steak." - Drake on a steak.

- (laughing) - A rare stake.

- That's hilarious.

- I love me, some Drake, and I love me.

Some steak, too.

- Why have I, never seen any of these? Am I asleep? - It's almost as if this is some fictional home, shopping network, like, "You're familiar with the one product.

Now, Drake on a steak!" - "You've heard of Elf on a Shelf, now, get ready for...".


Table) You guys are trying to--.

You know, it's.

A trap.

This is a trap.

- "You've heard of Elf on a Shelf.

Now, get ready for The Rock on the cock"? - There's a cock.

Is that what this is? Is The Rock on a cock? - Rock on a cock.

Oh yeah! - Yeah, that's dirty.

- No.

- I wasn't going to say it.

But you said, it.

- This one takes a Christmas rhyme and turns it a little bit dirty and I'm like, "Oh.

You shouldn't do that." It's, the magic of Christmas! - "You've heard of Elf on the Shelf.

Now, get ready for RuPaul on the U-Haul." Oh.

My god, that's, the best one.

- RuPaul on a U-Haul.

(laughing), Okay, I, 'stand that one.

I 'stand.

This meme now.

- (crowing) - I love.

This one.

"You've heard on Elf on a Shelf.

Now, get ready for RuPaul on a U-Haul." - This is funny.

- This photoshop.

- Yeah.

- If a rapper, put all of these rhymes in a rap song, I, mean, I think it'd go platinum.

You know.

I feel like I'ma, steal this, and I'ma drop a mix tape.


- I enjoy it.


Just gonna say some of these have made me laugh.

Our friend Sean was just moments ago telling us how annoying these were, but, hey, I'm, having fun.

- It's stupid.

- Ooh, that's good.

"You've, heard of Elf on the Shelf, now, get ready for Ed Sheeran on Helen, Mirren.", You, know, actually.

Now that I say it out loud, there's, one, too, many syllables in there.

- Wait, is that Ed Sheeran on Helen Mirren? - (groaning) Okay, too far.

- Wow.

- Too far.

- Wow.

- This is Ed Sheeran on Helen Mirren.

- Oh.

Oh! - Sheeran on Mirren.

- Wow.

- We're getting real cerebral with these creations at this point.

- The internet is so weird.

I, love it.

- "The best 'you heard of Elf on the Shelf meme.

Yet.'" Okay., "Well, get ready for socks on the floor." - "Mom, that doesn't even rhyme." Aww.

I, like when parents try and get involved.

- "Socks on the floor"? (laughing) It, doesn't, even rhyme., See, that's, good., I like that.


What my mom would do.

- Oh, the moms.

That's, my mom, literally.

She would text me that.

- Props to this mom, who is up with the hippest of memes.

- Yeah.

This is a cool mom.

- Well done, her.

- She.

Not only knows the meme, but she's subverting.

The meme to make fun of her kid.

- I feel like this is gonna blow over pretty quickly.

- I don't, know, man.

Stuff, like this stays around forever.

- You know, what? I'm taking it back.

I don't think these are stupid.

These are fun.

It's, a puzzle.

It's kinda like a riddle.

You got to solve.

- That's what I'm saying.

- It's like a mind game.

You could make a whole book of these., Get rid of the Sudoku and just replace it with Elf on a Shelf Challenge.

- Oh.

You know, that's already in the works.

- Our audience did one of me.

The other day-- - Wait, really? - And.

They put it on Twitter.


It was a picture of my face-- - Yes.

- And.

Then it was a treble clef symbol underneath it.

- "Steph on a clef!" - It was Steph on a clef.

- Oh, that's cute! - It was great.

- (FBE) While.

Some memes are more abstract and harder to understand, Elf on a Shelf memes are very simple and ask you to just rhyme two things.

So what do you think about the simplicity of this meme?? - I think just people are getting so easily amused.

- I like how everyone can participate because it's easy, but I like that memes require a little bit of wittiness.

This is a little bit too simple for my liking.

I think we should have higher meme standards.

- I think it works.


You know, kids want to watch the memes.

They want to look at the memes and.

You know, you gotta make it easy for them to figure out.

- The.

Simplicity works because it's all inclusive.

Anybody can get on the Elf on a Shelf meme.


You don't have to be an Einstein to get in on this one.

- The fact that this one is so simple is nice.

You can make abstract memes for days.

But actually making a meme that everyone can participate in is sort of refreshing, actually, and I don't have to go look up where it came.


I can just be like, "Oh, I know, the original reference for once." And I can see it rift on, and the simpler it is.

The more creative people can also get with it.

- It's more rewarding when it's more obscure., For, example, Ed, Sheeran on a Helen Mirren.

You know, there's that sense of reward when you're like, "Oh, I know who both of those people are." And, yeah, that makes you want to share it because you're like, "Do, you know, the pop culture knowledge that I know?" - (FBE) Finally..

- Yes? - (FBE) end.

This episode..

- Yes? - (FBE) ...we have two very talented graphic designers, here, Brynn and Lindsey.

- Yeah? - (FBE) So to end this episode.

We want you to make your own Elf on a Shelf meme.

- (laughing) - Okay.

- Okay.

- I think we should do MatPat on a fat cat.

- You've heard about Elf on a Shelf.

Now here's, Lilly on 12 milly.

- You've heard of Elf on the Shelf.

Now, get ready for Mufasa on mi casa.

Something like that.

- Issa on a pizza.

What? - (FBE laughing) - Come on! - You ever heard of Elf on the Shelf? Well, get ready for granola bar in the car.

Nailed it.


What I ate this morning.

- How about, um, a pimp on a shrimp cocktail? - (laughing) Pimp on a shrimp.

- Pimp on a shrimp.

- I like that.

- Mega64 on a snore.

Okay, and it's-- hear me, out.

It's, a sleeping old man, snoring, mouth, open, and Mega64 is floating out his nostrils.

- It's kind of symbolic of our video content, kind of where that's headed.

- (laughing) Yeah.

- Thank you so much for watching this episode of YouTubers React.

- If.

You liked what you saw, subscribe to everybody below.

- Bye! - Bye, see ya! - Hey guys.

Thanks for watching this episode of YouTubers React here at FBE.

Subscribe to all the YouTubers down below, right below me.

Let us know in the comments, what next you'd like to see.

Maybe, we'll do it.

Bye guys.

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