I tested 100 LEGO Boats! (2023)


In this video, I tested *100* LEGO boats to see if they float... or sink, taking everything I learn to build the greatest possible LEGO ship at the end for the Captain minifigure. Some of these results will surprise you—it was a lot of fun! (Also featuring the MASSIVE Lego Titanic set)

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I’M trying to build the best possible LEGO boat for this captain minifigure to sail in our LEGO city called 23-Ville, so I’m going to build and test 100 other boats and see what I can learn from the successes, and the failures… Here’s, a closer look at our captain before we set sail, who the comments named Edward, or Ed for short.


The best part is his new boat, costume piece, similar to the other vehicles LEGO’s done in the past.

But even Ed by himself is still quite fancy.

He deserves the most prestigious ship to call home.

And this thing, while technically able to float, isn’t quite good enough for Ed.

So today, I’ll be building up a fleet of both official and custom LEGO boats, testing if all 100 float or sink in the bathtub here.

And using the data we collect to craft Ed the most sea-worthy vessel, possible.

These, first boats here are literally made with one piece.

You got your classic rowboat design in a couple different colors with slots for oars, and studs on the bottom to add minifigs and a tiny bit more detail.

My favorite boat.

Mold is this rubber raft with studs on the back to attach different calibers of engines, on.

There’s, also bigger rafts with a lot more space to decorate.

This canoe from the Lone Ranger, and even a kayak, spelled backwards.


These bigger hulls that come in a lot of LEGO city sets use TWICE the amount of pieces, that being two.

They, still float okay.

But if anything goes wrong, our biggest pre-formed hull can be built into a fire boat that comes to the rescue.


We’ve confirmed that LEGO boasting the buoyancy of these boats on the box, isn’t bogus.

(for, the most part) So for Ed’s boat.

We want to go for a similar-shaped base as these preformed hulls (or, a boogie board, apparently) to hopefully allow it to float as well.

When we test it at the end of the video.

Some boats, on the other hand, have to have disclaimers on the box that they CAN’t float.

I don’t know why they would lie about that, but we should probably test a few of them anyways., Unfortunately, I don’t own the Steamboat Willie set.

So I built a miniature version of the iconic animation instead, complete with Mickey Mouse himself.

And, even though it probably floats just as well as the original set, I’m, really happy with all the detail I crammed in at such a small scale.

So I, miniaturized, some other iconic ships like Destiny’s Bounty from Ninjago, the SHIELD helicarrier from the Avengers.

And even though it’s not technically a boat, Jabba’s, sail barge from Star Wars.


These turned out great—looking, maybe not functioning—and again, show how you can accomplish so much detail just by using smaller pieces.

So, instead of using all the same piece as we begin to slope up the hull of Ed’s boat, I decided to combine some smaller parts together to give the sides, a lot more depth—look at the difference that makes! And, rather than using one giant boring piece for the front, I painstakingly sculpted this custom bow, design, instead., Don’t know about you.

But all these techniques of using studs on the side for a red, rounded shape remind me of a certain mushroom I built not too long ago.


Now it’s time to jump into the mushroom kingdom and build some boats from video games, like this Bowser’s Airship I made using the flags from the LEGO Mario sets.

We’ve also got the King of Red Lions from Zelda: Twilight Princess using these banana pieces as horns—speaking of which.

Here’s a banana boat.


Then there’s the Rusty Bucket Bay ship from Banjo Kazooie, and I crafted 5 planks into an oak boat from Minecraft.

Or, at least that used to be the recipe, I.

Don’t know why this isn’t working, but I also made each of the different wood types into boats, including the new bamboo raft from 1.20.

And, finally, I, LEGO-ified, the five different boats from Battleship—these candlestick pieces, even look like the pegs from the game! And, even though we’re not looking the greatest in terms of success, I really enjoyed finding creative new uses for different pieces.

So for the back of Ed’s boat, I challenged myself to use what’s normally a car door piece, stacked on top of each other to make a rudder, and I think it turned out cool.

But as long as we’re just referencing random boats in media, I also built the SS Minnow from Gilligan’s Island.

The weird little raft thing from life of Pi—I couldn’t fit the questionably-PG Creator Tiger set on here.

So we’ve just got this baby, one instead, and the Buoyancy Operated - Aquatic Transport from Phineas and Ferb, complete with Doofenshmirtz and….

A Platypus? PERRY THE PLATYPUS?!?!?!?! These are all different shows and movies that made Ed dream about sailing, the world as a kid, before his life took a different turn.

But now we get to help him.

Finally live out that fantasy with this.

One thing.

I noticed with these boats in particular though is that the scale is really wonky., The, tiger’s, too small.

This steering wheel is ginormous, and I really tried my best with the BO-AT lettering here.

But these show how important getting the scale right, is., So for Ed’s boat, which I’m loosely basing off a modified version of his costume.

We really need to start on the black layer in order to get the scale.


I don’t have a ton of black detail pieces.


I can’t.

Imagine why that would be, so I, mostly just smoothed off the walls using tiles and left it at that.

I have no idea what I’m doing with the shaping of the front yet.

But the colors of this thing remind me of another LEGO boat set.

So for now, let’s work on building this instead.

At, 9,090 pieces.

The LEGO Titanic is the 2nd largest set to ever be released.

It took me over 14 hours to build it on stream—thanks to everyone who tuned in for that by the way! But.

This thing is MASSIVE., It dwarfs Ed’s costume, dwarfs the boat.

We’re building, dwarfs a dwarf, and it’s literally longer than our entire city table by quite a bit.


It doesn’t fit in my bathtub either, so I’m, not able to recreate the tragedy of it sinking, but I want to recreate something, so I built this iconic scene from the Titanic movie—and.

This one.


We’ve got a beautiful new meme.


This is Jack, by the way, a poor passenger from down in the bottom of the ship, and Rose, a rich passenger from the top of the ship.

And, I know, it sounds awful.

But that’s the thing we’re carrying over into our model—but, hear me out, hear me, out!, Some old, friends of Ed have fallen on tough times.

So he’s generously letting them live free of charge down in the cargo bay of the ship.

There are so many incredible details in this set that I probably should have borrowed instead.

But one of my favorites is the AMERICAN FLAG, I mean.

The British ones are cool too.

But the AMERICAN FLAG is where it’s at! I used it to recreate this crossing of the Delaware boat.

And since it’s almost Thanksgiving, we’ve also got the Mayflower, and a gravy boat! But, there’s cool boats from all around the world, like this Gondola from Venice Italy, Evergiven cargo ship from the Suez canal in Egypt, Chinese dragon boat for Dominic, Evan, Drex, and Skylar to ride, and a wa'a kaulua from the Polonesian islands, that were featured in Moana.

I really appreciated learning more about different cultures and their unique styles of boats, even if they didn’t fare too well.


Did you know that French shipbuilder James Baker invented portholes in 1485? I’m REALLY, trying my best with these segways here, but I added some decorative portholes on either side like Ed’s, costume., To, procrastinate, the front, even more I went on instagram and asked for your suggestions of boats to test.

And we’ve got the Hogwarts Express, a mini black pearl with mini Jack Sparrow.

The Dawn Treader from Narnia, I don’t have the LEGO Movie Sea Cow.

But I do have the double decker couch, the Titanic’s sister ships, the Britanic and Olympic—I like the way you think—and, Noah’s, ark., It’s, not big enough to hold any animals, (sorry animals).

So I just added a dove and a rainbow.

I also got this response from the official Elf on the Shelf account—I was VERY confused.

But apparently they’re challenging us to a sub race? I.

Don’t want to find out what happens if we lose.

So if you’re enjoying the video, please consider subscribing!, Thank, you! But to get the final boost of inspiration needed to finish the bow, I studied.

This batman boat—just, look at the craftsmanship.


There’s, also a bat raft, I’m, counting this bat duck floaty.

And then just a duck:.

This is an odd assortment.

But it taught me that branding is everything.

I mean, this narcissist’s logo is everywhere.

I needed to finally build the front of the ship so I could stick on the logo of Ed’s company:, King, Cruise, Lines., Great, branding., And downstairs, this bat duck.

Floaty inspired me to add a pool for all the kids on the cruise to hang out in, along with some greenery.


All that’s left is the deck, some final details.

And we’ve still got 42 boats to test before this one.

So let’s speedrun through the next batch: Sail, boat, bumper boats, leaf boat, brick, separator, boat, racecar, bed…, boat, bathtub, boat, (this is tub-ception), pirate.

Boat, Zip, Lash, boat, straw, boat, stick boat, brick.

Boat—You know, we should store these materials on Ed’s, boat…, This, really cool.

Tugboat set made with different hull sections that we can shrink into a chibi tugboat, and finally, a tunnel of love swan, boat—yeah in your dreams.

Cornelius., But.


This is a lot of carnage.


Anyways, I built the deck of Ed’s boat, with a gap for the staircase.


It is currently very unsafe.

So we need to call in the LEGO agents:, a theme from 2008, with cool vehicles, (including boats) for a team of secret agents and the villains they try to defeat.


The biggest threat to both sides is actually Phil Swift., “I, sawed.

This boat in half!” That’s.

Why the take away is to use FLEX SEAL—no actually, it’s to plan ahead and have lifeboats to escape with.

Something the Titanic didn’t have enough of.

Wait, a second… That’s, 16 more, let's, go!!!, I modified, this jetski design as the lifeboats for Ed’s cruise., Except, one’s already missing, that’s great., Some LEGO.

Police sets feature, the criminals, trying to escape in crates or even tires.

So we’ve got different sizes of them to test.


Maybe don’t take seafaring advice from an escaped convict, but we can use these things as actual storage containers on Ed’s boat, instead.


We’ve got some railings.

So you don’t fall overboard, the smokestacks from Ed’s costume, a steering wheel.

And some more passengers scattered around the deck.

This is actually Ed’s first cruise after losing his last job, and he’s doing pretty well so far, but they do need to make a second stop at 23-Ville’s port after forgetting something there last time, right after we finally test this thing.

I’ve noticed, the problem with most of the failed boats hasn’t been that they sunk, but they’re just so topheavy that they tip over.

So I’m going to try adding these weights on the bottom to hopefully balance it out.

But I guess we’ll see in 3, 2, 1…, Success!, I mean, it kind of bobs down a bit, but it is floating upright! We learned from all our past mistakes to give Ed the boat of his dreams.

Now I just gotta drain the water before we can finally dock it in the city—wait, a second— Oh no!.


Will Lego boats sink or float? ›

The design of Lego bricks makes them more likely to float than other building block types. Although the ABS plastic from which they are made weighs only a little more than the water they displace, put together, they can sometimes achieve the right density and surface tension to achieve buoyancy.

Does Lego float in water? ›

Standard LEGO® bricks are not harmed by water. Some specially designed one-piece boat hulls will even float on the surface of water, although most LEGO® creations will not. On the other hand, we don't recommend you use your LEGO® bricks as decorations in aquariums or fish tanks.

How do you get boats in Lego City Undercover? ›

Chapter 7: One Small Job for Chan

Chan will call you and request your presence at the Crescent Park Wharf. After arriving, you'll unlock boats for use in LEGO City.

Does LEGO 60266 float? ›

Fun and adventure is on the horizon with the mighty LEGO® City Ocean Exploration Ship (60266). This super-long ship not only floats on water, it has everything kids need for endless ocean exploration.

Does LEGO 60254 float? ›

The sporty speed boat has an opening cockpit with room for the Xtreme racing driver – and it floats on water!

Does LEGO police boat float? ›

Kids can play out scenes from the LEGO® City Adventures TV series with this floating police patrol boat toy. It's packed with cool features and comes with fun LEGO City TV minifigure characters.

Is LEGO fish safe? ›

The very short answer is “Yes!”. The longer answer is this: LEGO can go in an aquarium. Of course, you can dunk anything in water. The question is, “can LEGO be put into an aquarium with fish in it, and will the fish be unharmed?” Again, the answer is “Yes!

Does Lego City diving yacht float? ›

The boat really floats. Great for kids to play with in the tub or pool. This set is easy to assemble.

Is the LEGO Titanic Hollow? ›

Unlike LEGO's other massive builds, such as the Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer, this is not a "hollow" set; you are meant to separate the ship into three sections and admire the cross sections.

Where did the LEGO ship sink? ›

On that fateful day in 1997, the Lego bricks and objects had been loaded onto the Tokio Express in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and they were bound for New York. But disaster struck about 20 miles (32 kilometers) off the coast of western Cornwall, in the form of a rogue wave, Cornwall Live reported in 2014.

Can you ride horses in LEGO City Undercover? ›

Hop in a vehicle and follow the green studs to your next objective at Bluebell National Park. Once there, hop on a horse with Frank and ride down to the farm.

Can toy boats float? ›

Thanks to a bit of physics, toy boats and other objects can float along the bottom surface of a levitated liquid as well as its top, lab experiments show. A toy boat floating atop the liquid experienced buoyancy. This force pulled the boat upward toward the sky.

Will LEGO pirate ship float? ›

Lego boats like the ones shown below float, not because the bricks are buoyant, but because the model displaces water.

Does LEGO diving yacht float? ›

The boat really floats. Great for kids to play with in the tub or pool. This set is easy to assemble.

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