Display Cabinets: Buy glass display cabinets online (2023)

There are different kinds of display cabinets and cupboards. While they all look the same and serve similar purposes, the kitchen cabinets are completely different in style and design from the living room cabinets. Let us begin with the kitchen cabinets.


While the kitchen is mainly used for cooking, most of our ammas enjoy displaying their various cookery collections for the whole world to see. The glass kitchen cabinets are usually bordered with wood designs to give them texture and ensure they don’t fall or break easily while closing or opening. Another advantage of using glass cabinets and doors in your kitchen is that they reflect light. The glass kitchen cupboards act like mirrors reflecting the light entering the kitchen. This creates an illusion of a bigger space. The glass cabinets are also stain-free and waterproof, making your cabinets easy to maintain and clean. They are great for displaying your kitchenware and illuminating your kitchens with some extra decor for presentation.

Cabinets let you keep all your plates, bowls, cups and utensils organised and in place. It allows you to maintain a clean kitchen counter while all your spices and kitchen wares are kept away in the cupboards.

Living rooms

These are the most common spaces in the house, where everyone is welcome without an invite. It is a shared space by every member which means the cabinets in this area might be a little bit crowded or stuffed. Irrespective of the number of people, the main function of using a glass cabinet for the living room is to display all of the family heritage, memories and pictures. They are called showcase cabinets for a reason. The MILSBO collection has glass-door cabinets in various sizes and colours letting your figure out what suits your space best. These cabinets are usually the only space in the living room that is highly organised most of the time because they are out of reach and transparent for everyone to see. However, most glass doors are bordered or designed within wooden or plywood pieces. This secures the glass, gives it more texture and makes it durable.

However, if you have little kids running around the house and think glass might be too much of a risk, other alternative materials can be helpful. You could use decorative wire mesh, corrugated metal, punched steel, chalkboard panels, metal mesh and other substitute materials to cover your cabinets. They could either be on the borders or used to cover the entire cupboard from top to bottom. These act as an extra storage space in the house and are convenient to keep your cushions, board games and other living room belongings away from the sight of your guests. The LOMMARP cabinet with glass doors is a mixture of both closed and glass doors. While the bottom half is completely covered, the top is a little smaller and perfect for displaying pretty things. If you are looking for something petite and sophisticated, the BRIMNES collection is square-shaped and has doors that look like windows. They are perfect for living rooms that don’t have much space but require storage.

With recent interior designs, most showcase cabinets or display cabinets are attached to the TV units. While most people have TV cabinets to cover up an entire wall in their homes, they attach the display cabinet along with it on either or both sides. These allow you to fill the cupboard with all your electronics, PlayStations, as well as your achievements, awards and trophies in one place. Since the TV cupboards are usually the centre of attraction in the living room, adding glass doors for the showcase would make it unique from the rest of the unit. If you don’t have much space, you can get a storage cabinet with a tabletop and double it as your TV unit. This allows you to minimise the furniture and maximise your space wisely.


Whether you’re looking for a masterpiece for your home office or study room, IKEA has a wide range of cupboards with multiple shelves, colours, sizes and features to provide everything you need. If you are looking for something sleek and simple, the HEMNES collection has glass door cabinets with attached drawers at the bottom. They are perfect to stack your files and documents on top and find them easily with perfect labelling. The drawers come in handy when you need to clear your desk and keep your extra papers, stationeries and bills away.

If you want something huge and wide enough to hold your years' worth of documents, the BILLY/OXBERG bookcase would fit perfectly. You can arrange all your files in any order you like from top row to bottom and find them in a jiffy. You can also keep your awards and achievements on one shelf just for some motivation from time to time. This cupboard has different size options letting you find the one that suits your space easily.

Cabinets and cupboards

Cabinets are cupboards that are not just meant to display your precious belongings, they are also excellent storage spaces and come in various forms. Every bedroom has a wardrobe for all your clothes, every study room comes with tall units to arrange all the books, appliances and stationeries, and the playroom has its range of storage units filled with colourful toys.

While most cabinets and cupboards are known to be closed with doors made of glass, wood, mesh, steel and other materials, cabinets could also be open. You can place a couple of shelves from IKEA and put together your own cabinet to carry and display your series of novels, art or pictures. Although they might easily catch dust because they are open, with regular maintenance, open cabinets have a style of their own.

Not all of them have to be too high up on the walls and out of children’s reach. Depending on the purpose and the content of the cupboard, you can fix them in any part of the house. IKEA has a wide range of collections that could suit your taste and your purpose in one go. Take our BESTA storage combination, for example, it has two parts with multiple features. It has top storage units that serve as overhead cupboards, while the lower half has both drawers and cupboards letting you add an entirely new section in your kitchen. It also has half-transparent and half-covered storage combinations that let you both display and hide your things respectively.

Small space collection

For the minimalists and the confined space people, where there is a will, there is always a way to fit in a storage cabinet. As mentioned earlier, a cabinet doesn’t have to be on the floor, in the centre or a corner, you are allowed to have a cupboard wherever and however you want it. EKET has the perfect simple square wall cabinet with glass doors for you to keep in your bedroom or office room. You can add a shelf to split it in two and use it as a cupboard or use it as a display shelf hung up on your walls. This way your floor won’t be overcrowded and your walls will have some features. These cabinets come in different sizes allowing you to choose based on the space available.To add some fancy and unique features to your space, you can go with a plinth from the HAVSTA collection. These work perfectly as standalone shelves or you can stack them to create layers too. These customisable drawer-like plinths are perfect to keep all your makeup, accessories and cosmetics organised. You could also use them in your office to keep all your files and stationeries from being scattered all over the place.Your simple and tiny living room could use a HAUGA glass door cabinet. Their doors open from the outside and not the centre. It has a flat top for you to decorate with some flower vases or pictures. These would look perfect to store your books, or all your fancy plates and cups.

Large space collection

If you have a lot of space and you don’t know what to do with them, here’s how cupboards and cabinets can help you. You can begin by looking into one of our collections from the HAVSTA series. The storage combs have sliding glass doors and closed doors on the bottom. The sides come with open shelves for you to decorate. It has different types of storage spaces for you to utilise and make your large space a little occupied. These are also a great way to reduce the echo in large spaces with less furniture.

With bigger space, tall cupboards are the usual but you can also go for horizontally long cupboards. These are short in height but look great in long hallways or even below your mounted TV unit. BESTA has a wide range of combinations options and colours letting you find the perfect one for your space. They are best to store extra cots, quilts, and pillows for occasional guests or sleepovers.

Homes with large living rooms or kitchens have enough space to add cupboards and cabinets, and IKEA has the perfect measurement covered. We have a series of cabinets you can dedicate for different purposes all around the house. You can find a cabinet for your makeup vanity or one that can display all your jewellery collections in your closet too. A tall and wide shelf with glass doors would be perfect to store all your shoe or bag collections and have a fancy display in your newly designed walk-in closet.


Despite buying a whole new set of cupboards and cabinets in different shapes and sizes, you can also accessorise them. You can alter their looks to match your theme by changing the knobs on the door, replacing glass doors with wooden ones or vice versa. You can also decorate them with antiques, frames and other decor pieces that resonate with the season and vibes of the house. There’s so much you can do with glass display cabinets than just putting pictures and frames in them. You can stick wallpapers over them to redesign them and add some design to your space. To make complete use of your cabinet, you can add dividers and organisers inside to keep your OCD in check.

Whether you reside in a mini or massive space, IKEA has cupboards and cabinets that fit your livelihood perfectly right. With multiple options and layers on top of layers, our display cabinets portray our quality and standards in creating furniture. We’ve got collections for every room in the house and strong units to hold heavy goods too. A glass kitchen cabinet or glass crockery unit is every mumma’s passionate space in the entire kitchen. It is a locker for her precious chinaware, porcelain and other priced possessions that reside beside the display cabinet in the living room and every other part of the house.


What are glass display cabinets called? ›

A display case (also called showcase, display cabinet, shadow box, or vitrine) is a cabinet with one or often more transparent tempered glass (or plastic, normally acrylic for strength) surfaces, used to display objects for viewing.

How do you arrange glass display cabinets? ›

You can try grouping objects based on their size and dedicate a shelf to each respective group. Put larger items behind smaller items so that the larger items do not obstruct the view of smaller ones. Try experimenting with different arrangements in your glass cabinet.

How do you arrange items in a display cabinet? ›

Visually, objects look more interesting when arranged asymmetrically and in groups of odd numbers. Keep from placing objects of similar shape, size, texture, and color too close together, as they will appear bulky.

Why have a display cabinet? ›

You can organise and store everything in your house with the help of display cabinets. Properly displayed photo frames, ornaments and souvenirs on the cabinets look neat and tidy. On the other hand, cluttered items at one place impart a very negative image on the guests.

Are glass cabinets more expensive? ›

Glass Cabinets Are Expensive

Glass cabinets are one of the most expensive door styles available, and when you break it down, it's not hard to see why. There are a number of elements involved in glass door cabinets that will increase the price compared to standard kitchen cabinets.

Why are glass cabinets so expensive? ›

Glass Cabinets Are Expensive

The glass door inserts themselves are made from thick, high-quality glass that is going to be more expensive than wood cabinet doors.

What holds glass in cabinets? ›

Run a bead of silicone around the inside edge of the opening. Press the glass pane into the opening, wiping away any excess silicone as you go. For extra support, add glazing (push) points to help secure the glass to the door. Use a trowel or putty knife to push the spikes on the points into the wood.

What should I display in kitchen glass cabinets? ›

I find that stacks of plates look great piled up side by side and a few cookbooks underneath a canister adds height and interest. Oversized pitchers or a soup tureen placed opposite each other on a diagonal create balance. While it's great to have your glass cabinets look beautiful, they must also be functional.

Where should glass cabinets be placed in kitchen? ›

Another strategic place to put your cabinets is next to a window or a glass door. The glass surfaces will reflect the natural light that comes in, making your kitchen space look bigger and brighter as a result. Finally, a popular design trend is to place one glass cabinet on either side of a major design focal point.

How do you display dishes on top of cabinets? ›

If you don't have a china cabinet, you can put your favorite dishes on display above your kitchen cabinets. All you need is a few plate stands to safely prop up your fine china—and this person actually put charger plates behind the dishes to create more dimension. Smart!

What is the most popular cabinet type? ›

Shaker cabinets are known for their clean, functional design. Flat-paneled doors with rail frames, and natural wood finishes or neutral colors such as white and gray are hallmarks of Shaker style. This type of cabinet is quite popular because its classic, casual look works well with many kitchen styles.

Why are cabinet prices so high? ›

Even with the available manufacturing equipment and technology, most cabinet designs are made with hours of hands-on work so expect that you're also paying for their labor and expertise.

Is above cabinet decor outdated? ›

Is decorating above kitchen cabinets outdated? The short answer is no.

What is a glass cabinet in the dining room called? ›

A curio cabinet is designed to be used as a furniture display piece in a dining room. Bold by design, a curio cabinet stands vertically and is the perfect complementary dining room piece. A curio is easily identified because it is typically crafted with a wooden frame, glass cabinet doors, a mirrored back and lights.

What is a dish display cabinet called? ›

A china cabinet is a piece of furniture, usually with glass fronts and sides, used to hold and display porcelain ("china") or other ceramics.

What is another name for frameless cabinets? ›

With frameless (also called “full-access”) cabinets, the doors are full-overlay with very slim margins between the doors and drawer fronts. The hidden hinges attach to the sides of the cabinet.

What is the difference between a curio cabinet and a display cabinet? ›

The main distinction between the two is that china display cabinets generally feature a solid wood construction with glass in the front, while curio cabinets usually have glass panels along the sides as well as the front.

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